Student Loan Assistance now feasible for every employer

Peanut Butter’s new Student Loan Refinancing solution allows employers to help their employees refinance their student loans...for free.

Combat work from home burnout with Student Loan Assistance

As the global pandemic continues to spread, so does the phenomenon of work-from-home burnout.

Financial stress affects your workplace more than you may think

With financial uncertainty continuing to grow, employers in every industry are faced with a grueling reality: financial stress in the workplace is real (and higher than ever before), and it comes with a hefty price tag.

Peanut Butter and Clinton County, Iowa launch pioneer program targeting student debt

Through their partnership with Peanut Butter, Clinton County has created a program to support and assist Iowans in their efforts to diminish their student loan debt and also incentivize new, college-educated workers from surrounding states to move to the area.

Fabrics for designing smart apparel

It is hard to determine when wearable technology truly became “wearable” in the eyes of the consumer. Until recently, these devices were constructed from predominately large, bulky and uncomfortable materials—the same materials used to construct most non-wearable technology.