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Building Products Customers Love: The Importance of User Research in Product Development

Discovering what your customers want might seem straightforward, but the numbers tell a different story. Nearly half of consumers say brands don’t meet their expectations, while two-thirds could not recall when a brand exceeded expectations.

From Concept to Code: Gorilla Logic's End-to-End Product Development Process

Flawless execution is the goal for every digital product. But traditional approaches to product development often leave too much room for error. See how partnering with Gorilla Logic takes the guesswork out of building your critical products. 

Agile Marketing: Benefits & Best Practices for Continuous Improvement

The Gorilla Logic marketing team has been Agile for five years now. While we have made countless improvements to our tech stack, team structure, and Agile ceremonies and processes, the number one lesson we have learned is that teamwork makes the dream work. 

Partnering with Gorilla Logic

From Ideate and Innovate, to Design, Build, and Deliver, Gorilla Logic’s unique span of Agile software development services and multiple engagement models help you build and improve your complex, mission-critical products, regardless of your industry or technology stack. See what it's like to partner with Gorilla Logic.

Flowhub Case Study

With Gorilla Logic’s help, Flowhub expands and enhances its retail management offerings and compliance integrations to ensure customers are set up for success in the highly regulated cannabis industry.

Student Loan Assistance now feasible for every employer

Peanut Butter’s new Student Loan Refinancing solution allows employers to help their employees refinance their student loans...for free.

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