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Student Loan Resources Demo Video

Role: Producer

While working at Peanut Butter, I created this video in an effort to help our app users better understand our solutions. I championed this project from start to finish, including pitching the concept, writing and voicing the script and gathering and editing b-roll/audio.

Experience Lab Capstone

Role: Producer

This video served as the final component of my fellowship with UC Berkeley's Experience Lab. The project was intended to be a visual representation of our experiences throughout the program. I paired my own b-roll with footage gathered by program videographers and wrote/recorded my own audio track to produce this video. 

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Roo Storage Short Ad

Role: Creative Lead & Editor

I created this video for an emerging tech startup called Roo Storage. I worked with company officers to solidify a vision, hired an artist to help with illustration and pieced the video together using Adobe Premiere Pro.

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What does it mean to be a member of the Northern Cherokee Nation?

Role: Reporter & Producer

As part of my Journalism Capstone, I wanted to explore how the lack of federal recognition plays a role in the shaping of the identities of Native Americans.

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