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LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook

Role: Manager & Creator

As Marketing Associate at Peanut Butter, I was in charge of maintaining all of the company's social platforms.


In my first few weeks in my role, I developed a 12-month social media plan incorporating Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Every quarter, I used performance analytics to revise the plan based on what was working and what was not.

Using Hootsuite and Google Analytics as my primary tools, I was able to curate a strong social presence (both paid and organic) on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


During my first month, I increased LinkedIn traffic by nearly 200%.

Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 4.22.43 PM.png
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Employers & Employees win with Student L
Employers & Employees win with Student L
Ad Design & Execution

Role: Creative Lead & Designer

On top of organic social media management, I was also in charge of designing and maintaining Peanut Butter's paid advertisements. Using Google Ads and Facebook Ads, I established the company's first paid social media plan.


I was in charge of overseeing and allocating the budget, designing the content, and reviewing performance analytics to ensure no money ever went to waste. 

On the left are two examples of paid advertisements I created and published in my role. 

Social Listening

Role: Manager

One of the most important components of social media management is monitoring, listening, and responding to a company's users. During my time at Peanut Butter, I came to realize the value of engaging with prospective clients, current clients, and industry influencers. 


A comment, share, or retweet of a brand's content should never go unnoticed or unrecognized by the brand. As a social media manager, it was my job to respond to each and every comment or inquiry. 

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Social Media

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