As a second semester senior at the Missouri school of Journalism, I had the opportunity to participate in a team capstone project. Three fellow journalism students and I were tasked with creating a comprehensive business model and social media plan for our client, Carole Sharwarko, and her brainchild, the Southland Investigative Reporting Cooperative (SIRC).

So what is SIRC, anyways?:

The idea to create the Southland Investigative Reporting Cooperative was born from a desire to bridge the gap
between small local newspapers, which lack the capacity for investigative journalism, and major metro media outlets, which oftentimes "parachute in" to cover only the most salacious stories. SIRC serves readers on a hyper-local level as a vigilant and tireless source of investigative news. SIRC was established with a nonprofit model as a means to avoid a funding system that relies on advertising and the outside pressures it sometimes instigates.

What did I do, personally?:

My individual contributions to the project consisted of ideating and proposing a multi-platform social media plan and timeline for our client to refer to in the early stages of SIRC's development and beyond.

Click the photo below to view our final capstone presentation, including our research, methods, findings and takeaways from the project.


From left to right: Haoyi Jiang, Xinyu Wei, Carole Sharwarko, Tatum Pugh (me) and Jonathan Mitchell

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