During my four years at the Missouri School of Journalism, a bulk of the work I did was reporting and editing for my Convergence classes. If I were to have included all of my reporting and editing efforts, you probably would recognize a lot of growth, but you'd be scrolling down this page for several hours. Instead, I have included three examples of work I was proud of by the time graduation rolled around. 

Love on the dance floor:

Columbia Performing Arts Centre is home to a lot more than just dancing. Students gather here Monday through Friday afternoons for lessons in many dance styles. They also form lifelong relationships with each other and their instructors. Reporter Tatum Pugh gives us a closer look at what fosters the friendships between the studio's dancers and staff.





Taxi companies see effects nearly a year after Uber and Lyft expand across state:


In April 2017, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens signed a bill to make it easier to companies like Uber and Lyft to work in Missouri. But Tatum Pugh tells us that, a year later, it's another business - taxi companies - that are suffering. 








The art of swing dancing:

Jabberwocky Studios in Columbia offers lessons in dance styles you wouldn't normally find anywhere else in town. I sat down with dance instructors Jeanette Bailey and Chase Rother to get an inside look at their swing dance series and find out what sets their studio apart from others in the area.

UBER vs. Taxis - Tatum Pugh
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