• Tatum Pugh

why you should prioritize traveling should you have the opportunity

Updated: Feb 25

From a very young age, I have constantly been encouraged to seek a greater understanding of the world around me. After 20 years on this planet, and countless trips to vastly different cultures and countries around the world, I have come to the conclusion that where you come from has a huge impact on your view of the world.

My grandparents are the ultimate world travelers. Together, they have explored countless cultures, having visited some of the most unique places our seven continents have to offer. Their passion for traveling is something that I definitely see in myself, and the entirety of my relatively large extended family for that matter. Without them, I would have never had the opportunities to travel around the world at such a young age.

The Prather family in Marrakesh, Morocco - July, 2018.

The quickest way to achieve a sense of humility in life is to travel outside of the world you are most used to. It is really quite difficult to fully appreciate a life spent growing up in a place like the United States until you have seen the utter devastation of poverty, hunger, lack of access to quality medical care or education, just to name a few. But the thing that really astounds me every time I visit countries where this devastation resides, is the undeniable sense of joy people seem to wear every day, even though they are living in less than ideal conditions. It is an outlook on life I have aspired to adopt since the first time I noticed it.


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