Peanut Butter is the benefits administrator for student loan assistance

As part of Experience Lab's curriculum, I was placed at Peanut Butter in Chicago for a three month long internship in Content Development. During my time there, I was able to apply everything I had learned as an Experience Lab Student to an actual company and assist in its efforts to better market itself.

What does Peanut Butter do, you might ask? Here's a breakdown:


Peanut Butter makes it easy for employers to offer Student Loan Assistance as a benefit so that they can hire talent faster, retain it longer and attract a more diverse workforce. Peanut Butter's services can be broken down into two categories: Student Loan Resources and Student Loan Repayment. By utilizing Student Loan Resources, companies enable employees to take control of their student debt with a single place to organize their loans, curated debt-reducing tactics, a refinancing marketplace and more. Top employers also leverage Peanut Butter to attract and retain college-educated workers by contributing to employee loans through Student Loan Repayment. Known for ease of use and speed of implementation, Peanut Butter has become a trusted partner to employers of all sizes.

But where did I fit in?:

I got to wear several different hats during my internship at Peanut Butter. My tasks varied by the week and by the hour, but generally involved projects aimed at helping the company tell its story. The bulk of my work revolved around writing and editing copy for their website and social media channels. I was also able to work on a few email campaigns and created a handful of branding documents. 

Below are a few highlights from my work in Chicago:


My task was to create a bank of social media copy for Peanut Butter to use over the next 12 months. Although Peanut Butter does not rely heavily on social media as a way to realize new business opportunities, in today's world it is becoming increasingly important to establish a voice on social media. I developed a 12-month long social media plan incorporating Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (Facebook posts are shown above and are largely similar to the corresponding LinkedIn and Twitter posts with a few minor platform-specific changes). The posts for the first 3 months have been mapped out in Hootsuite and are scheduled to post on each platform one at a time on Tuesday and Thursday at 9 a.m. every week.





























My task was to elaborate further on our website industry pages by updating the data and visuals on our existing pages and creating entirely new ones to feature more industries. As Peanut Butter grows, so does our industry reach, so it was important that we included as many relevant industries as possible on our website in order to show how widespread (no pun intended) Peanut Butter’s work is. 


Because of this project, Peanut Butter’s prospective clients now have access to industry-specific pages that contain industry-specific numbers, visuals and testimonials to show why they should partner with Peanut Butter and why it would benefit their industry, specifically. 

Click on the images above to navigate to Peanut Butter's website for a deeper look at this work.




















The first project I was tasked with completing at Peanut Butter was to write a blog post highlighting a new program that the company was in the process of rolling out. The program was first-of-its-kind, so it was important that I emphasized how unique and revolutionary it was. The program includes a partnership with Clinton County in Iowa. This collaboration was provoked after the county experienced large decreases in population, and in turn, less qualified candidates for local jobs. Through their partnership with Peanut Butter, Clinton County has created a program to support and assist Iowans in their efforts to diminish their student loan debt and also incentivize new, college-educated workers from surrounding states to move to the area.

Click the image above to read the full post.

I was also tasked with copy-editing and reformatting all 167 posts on Peanut Butter’s blog. As a lover of copyediting, I was embarrassingly excited to begin working on this. It was my job to go through and make sure everything looked neat and orderly, the hero images were high-quality and to copy-edit the posts individually as I made my way down the list. Our company often shares blog posts with prospective clients, so it was very important that each post looked clean, professional and was free of any spelling/grammar errors. My background in journalism played a heavy role in this project, and is probably part of the reason I enjoyed it so much.




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