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Experience Lab at UC Berkeley

In 2019, I had the privilege of being one of the first 17 fellows to participate in Experience Lab, an immersive education in storytelling and content development affiliated with the University of California - Berkeley. The fellowship included 12 weeks of online and in-person learning followed by a 12-week field experience at a growing startup. The program was supported by weekly instructor calls, on-the-ground networking, and cultural activities with a community of peers.

University of Missouri School of Journalism

The "Missouri Method" refers to the unique and world-renowned curriculum provided to journalism students at the University of Missouri that allows them to learn about journalism in both a traditional classroom setting and through physical practice in a variety of real-world media landscapes. 

During my four years as a Convergence Journalism major at the Missouri School of Journalism, I had the opportunity to serve in several capacities in multiple media environments.

Let's talk about Global Journalist:


Global Journalist is a radio and television program that broadcasts on KBIA-FM, Columbia's National Public Radio affiliate. The Mission of Global Journalist is to report on under-covered international news stories happening in under-covered parts of the world.

What was my role?:

As Assistant Producer, I helped produce two 30-minute shows that aired on the radio and multiple social media platforms including Facebook Live. The production process included extensively researching topics, booking international subject matter experts as guests, and creating production documents to keep our show's host informed and up-to-date.

Below are two shows I helped produce over an eight-week period.  

Let's talk about KOMU 8:
As part of my convergence curriculum, I got a taste of television news production at KOMU 8, Columbia's NBC affiliate station.
What was my role?:

Here, I helped produce the Monday and Wednesday 5:00 p.m. newscasts. As Assistant Producer, I helped organize the shows, write scripts for the anchors, and communicate with reporters to ensure a smooth and clean show. I learned how to navigate iNews and got a better grasp of writing for the ear.

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